Thursday, March 17, 2011

History Bowls and Freddie Mercury


So I'm a bit on the nerdy side and decided to go to a History Bowl a few weekends ago with some friends for no real apparent reason other than that we had nothing to lose.

All we really wanted to do was get at least one question right and not embarrass ourselves or our school.

We didn't study or really take it seriously, but once we beat the first team that we played against, we figured that we at least had a shot at doing some serious damage in the competition.

Although we got creamed by the second team we played (you could tell that they studied for history all the time, they knew every answer), we won 3 and lost 2 rounds.

Somehow we managed to semi-final and got to play one last round against the school that we got creamed by. However, we played their B team which was different from their A team that we originally played.

They were a really good team, so we were a bit apprehensive to say the least.
We actually held our own against them, with one of their teammates saying at one point, "They just did a 50 point sweep..."

We were all on edge, hoping that by some chance we could maybe beat them.

The reader started reading this question about a man who was born in Zanzibar before moving to India and learning piano before moving to England and starting a band... somethingsometing Sheer Heart Attack... somethingsomething died in 1991 of AIDS...

I hit the buzzer so hard and yelled, "Freddie Mercury from Queen!!!!!!"

Out of all the pop culture questions to ask, they asked one that I had just read about a month before.

I was ecstatic that my knowledge of Queen-- one of the greatest bands to ever exist-- could come in handy in an academic competition.

Recommended song(s): Bohemian Rhapsody, Another One Bites the Dust, Don't Stop Me Now