Monday, February 27, 2012

Mechanical Bull Riding!

It's saturday afternoon and I have hours of homework that needs to be done including a literary analysis on Wuthering Heights. My nine year old sister asks me if I would like to go to one of her friends birthday parties with her. A birthday party for a ten year old didn't seem too appetizing to me. But being the procrastinator that I am, I agreed to go with her.
That had to be one of the best desicions I made this month! We pulled up to the Miami Lakes mansion, and my sister was in awe. His house was gorgeous, I'm talking tennis court with a pool and a jacuzzi and a golf course for a back yard gorgeous! There were multiple bounce houses, cotton candy machines, snow cone machines, pop corn makers, go-karts...This dude had go-karts in his backyard!
But none of this compared to what I would find beside the pool as I further toured the yard. There, imbedded in a bouncy, cushioned platform lied a mechanical bull! I was amazed. It was beautiful. My stepmother and I found our way past all the excitement to the layout of tables for the guests to sit. We ate and played a few family games but all I could think about was that mechanical bull in the corner of my eye. It was as if it was staring at me, calling for me to feel the amazing adrenaline it was willing to offer.
"I can't." I told myself hundreds of times in my head. There were a whole bunch of nine and ten year olds riding on that thing, including my sister who'd probably rode it about ten times before she puked. It would be silly for a girl of age to go and dare to ride that bull.
Finally, about an hour after arriving I stood out of my chair and made my way to the bull. I could feel the eyes staring at me as I waited my turn to ride. Something told me to go back to my seat, but I refused. I was going to conquer this bull! I felt free, wild, and exhilerated while I held on for dear life to the tiny piece of string poked out of the bull's back. Less than a minute later, I found myself falling head first to the cushion below me. It didn't hurt at all. I rose to a thunderous clap and cheer from the audience of guests. I took my bow and headed back to my seat. I feel so accomplished, I can now check "ride a mechanical bull" off my bucket list!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

An Organized Closet...

It just seems like if you had an organized closet, life would be so much easier. Just today I was all grumpy because i could not find my favorite sweater. I looked through all of my drawers, even every hanger hanging in my closet. I could not find my sweater any where. It was at that moment that I decided to cancel my plans for the day and take on the mess that my closet had become. I grabbed a couple of black trash bags and began with the clothes. I threw away all those shirts and shorts I had not worn for over a year, and those jeans that are way to big and those cardigans that are way too small. I told my mom to send them off to Goodwill, because they were juts causing clutter in my life! Next, i attempted to sort through the stuff. You know how you have a ton of stuff you don't wan to see lying around your room anymore so you put it in the far corner of your closet? Yeah, well, I happen to do that a lot. I had dolls from elementary school, and even projects from the eighth grade that i'll next use again. I threw out all that junk and found some random stuff in my closet, like a soccer ball (who even puts a soccer ball in their closet?) and a whole ton of dust, but i guess that's expected. Finally, after cleaning everything out, I have a closet i can look at and not cringe! And, i finally found my sweater! I can't even begin to tell you where I found it! Let's just put it this way, it might as well have been hiding in Narnia!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Frankenstein + YouTube Video = Moment of Realization

One of my favorite things to do in my free time and that I always try to make time for is watching makeup tutorials and hair tutorials from my favorite YouTubers off of YouTube. Well as I was watching a bunch of videos from this one user, I came across a video she did in which she spoke about confidence just trying to give everyone out there watching a few tips to being a more confident person.

Her reasoning for making this video is because she caught a few guys teasing this one girl based upon how she was dressed and they were loud and clear enough for the girl to hear. The YouTuber proceeded to explain how it's wrong for people to treat others so horribly and those are the kind of people you need to stay away from.

Of course, being in AP Literature, I automatically thought of a reference to Frankenstein. The creature in the story is completely cast aside for his appearance although he originally starts out so pure at heart. This novel definitely harshly portrays the cruelty of mankind in society and how the way you treat someone can especially bring them up to be a different person than they started out to be.

For instance, the creature started out so kind and pure with a passion to learn. But by his constant letdowns with everyone casting him aside, he became enraged with humankind and began to do things that we would consider "inhumane" although the most humanly possible thing is causing him to do these acts.

So this is when I had a realization moment that we can all have our moments where we look at someone and automatically make judgments about them and usually we act based upon that quick glance of judgment. So while in the process of reading this novel and watching this video, I am appalled at how people act and although I have always known people act that way, I feel that now I understand the concept so much more. So let me cut to the chase. Next time you see someone and their looks begin to determine your opinion about the person, stop that train of thought and try getting to know them. This may be a cliche but there is a reason cliches exist. It's what is on the inside that counts.

Monday, February 20, 2012

The Vow

During Valentine's day it was a sold out movie, and even after, the rage about The Vow is still going on.

Last Friday, a couple of my friends and I decided to go and see The Vow.

IT was, all things considered quite a heartwarming story, not to mention that the tale was based on a true story.

It was not however, a real tearjerker for me.

On the other hand, some of my friends started to cry the minute the movie started.

Besides that, I genuinely recommend watching this movie because it displays the strength of love.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Now THESE are Valentine's Day Presents for GUYS!

Walking through the mess of the not-well-stocked Target in search for a present for my boyfriend tomorrow led me to across this....

Now THESE are perfect for 99% of those guys in our lives that are star wars fanatics!
FYI: No, I did not buy any of these for my own valentine, if you were wondering.

You Don't Need a Boyfriend for Valentine's Day!

So, we all know what tomorrow is... Valentine's Day. The day that couples proclaim their love for each other with small tokens of their appreciation; on the flip side, it's also the day when single people mope around and act all depressed about being forever alone.

However, it doesn't have to be that way! Who cares if you don't have a boyfriend or a girlfriend? Just because it's Valentine's Day, doesn't mean you have to have a significant other. Isn't Valentine's Day about celebrating your love for someone else? Who says that someone else has to be a bf/gf? I say, you should celebrate with friends and family, since you love them too.

Local Talents #01: Crescendo

For the first installment of Local Talents, we feature an Interview with Crescendo , aka Yero Lopez, a recently debuted rapper from South Miami Senior High that's been inspired by other local artists from the school and is now trying to enter the rap game himself.

Gaming #9 | SEGA GAME GEAR

Gaming #9. Thanks to Classic Game Room, AVGN, IGN and other Youtube users for the videos.

I actually do own a SEGA GAME GEAR, but my friend had it for the weekend so I couldn't film mine :/ ENJOY!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Whitney Houston died from addiction...

It's crazy to hear that a legend has died. Her talent was taken away from something so harmful... Her addiction.
I still remember seeing her on the Oprah show saying, "Crack is whack!" so what exactly killed her??

So many people have been dying from things that could've been avoided.. For instance, drinking and driving, addiction, fighting, and others. My question is, what happened to the traditional dying from old age??

All over Facebook people are judging others for saying their respects to Whitney.. But what's the big deal? Yes, she might not have known us. But I would appreciate it if something showed their respects to me even I'd I didn't know them!

Whitney Houston will always be remembered for her wonderful voice! In a way, her music has touched every single one of us.. If not now, then later.

R.I.P. Whitney Houston and all the other celebrities who died.. You will be missed!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Confused about controversy

Just so we're clear, America. It's okay for a dancer dressed like a teenage girl to strike multiple provocative poses on national television during a family-friendly program. But it's NOT okay for a singer to stick her middle finger up.
This can't be right.
For as long as I've been alive, and for centuries before, sex has been more taboo than attitude. Suddenly, sex has become a dinner-table discussion topic and the focus of entertainment. Superbowl XLVI was no exception. Madonna's elaborate halftime show showcased a gallery of Roman (or vaguely Egyptian?) inspired costumes and props, infused with a contrasting high school sports/cheerleader theme. The 53 year-old blonde, perpetually attractive singer had her own celebrity pep-squad in Nicki Minaj and rapper M.I.A, both notorious for their own unique styles of music and fashion. It could be because M.I.A. was disgruntled at having to be Madonna's back-up dancer, or she was merely seeking press before the release of her upcoming album, but the singer with a history of naughty behavior flashed cameras her middle finger, before censors could catch it. Indeed, before many viewers could catch it, distracted by the glitz and gold of Madonna's Skyrim cos play-like outfit and her bedazzled dancers.
So M.I.A. probably should have kept her cool and turned her "swag" down a little. But the gesture is far from national uproar-worthy. What I'm more concerned about is the conduct of the other dancers surrounding Madonna. In tiny red skirts and waving gold pom-poms more seductively than I ever thought imaginable, these girls seriously demoralized themselves and the image of teenage cheerleaders everywhere. Pretty, popular and showy= trashy? Sure, Madonna is no stranger to controversy. But there is a point when an attempt to "make a show" looks downright foolish.
The entire halftime show was a huge publicity stunt and nothing more. Madonna's new album, MDNA, M.I.A.'s single Bad Girls is out, and now the two are all headlines. There was never a more opportune moment in business. These artists have lost sight of the music, clearly. And all of America is falling for it.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Discrimination against President Obama

During the recent Presidential primaries, there has been a lot of negative media about President Obama. Many have said that he's just president because of his image.

A week ago, in the Newsmax Newspaper, a writer wrote that Mr. Obama has done more bad things for our economy rather than good. For instance, gas prices have gone up drastically from 2008. Also, jobs have been declining rapidly.

I believe that everyone is started to point out the negatives, instead of praising him for the good that he's been doing. According to recent data, unemployment rates have gone done since September of 2011. Also, one of the most major accomplishments occurred during the reign of President Obama... Osama Bin Laden was finally killed.

Instead of bringing the president down, I would love to see the positive achievements Barack Obama has completed!

New Fashion Trend in Eyewear?

While enjoying my birthday this past December in Disney World here in Orlando, Florida, I was surprised by a new glasses fashion trend. Many foreigners, Canadians especially, had been strolling along the parks with glasses with an MP3 and headphones attached to them.

They explained it's all the rage in their countries, much like the iPod is for America. And as they were tourists, they used their new glasses more than usual when shading their eyes from our tropical sunshine and keeping themselves entertained at the same time. they also don't run the risk of getting their MP3 stolen when they aren't paying attention, as most of us do with our iPods, because they are constantly wearing their glasses and they will therefore never be out of sight!

I came across these glasses again at a mall cart/booth in Pembroke Lakes Mall and they run between $50-$60. So go check them out!

Tea for the Soul

When my days are stressful and it seems like my homework is ever-lasting, I know I can always count on tea to calm me down. Whether it be, hot tea or cold tea, SweetLeaf or Snapple, it is always refreshing. My friends also love going home to drink green tea because of its calming effects.Tea can be beneficial to your health because it lowers blood sugar and enhances the mind. The beverage can also lower cholesterol and may even show signs of helping to deplete cancer. So, at least now I can feel better about drinking tea over some sugary soda.

High Fashion in High School

Let's face it- we all wish we could go to school in glamorous outfits and look like a million bucks, (at least I do). But, when it's six in the morning, your annoying alarm is blaring, and you wish you had an extra ten minutes to sleep, you don't really feel like throwing a fabulous outfit together.

I'd like to consider myself very fashion-savvy, and I gawk at Urban Outfitter's website almost everyday. But is dressing like you stepped out of an add in a magazine for school really worth it? In my opinion, I think so. You mostly see jeans and tees in the halls of high school, so why not be extrodinarily different? I'm trying to dress better at school, because appearence does matter. Let's just hope I feel the same way in the morning.

Crescendo- "Don't Care Anymore"

NEW VIDEO straight from the editing bay!

Tomás at Large and Poor People Productions teaming up, along with recording help from Werdsmith (Elisha Smith) (, twitter @realwerds, youtube: ismitches), to make Crescendo's debut music video of his first single, "Don't Care Anymore".

Thanks to Youtube user ilovethisbeat1 for the beat!

WATCH AND LIKE TOMAS AT LARGE ON FACEBOOK! ( see more videos on youtube (

Sunday, February 5, 2012

February = Fashion Month, Fall/Winter 2012 Collections

It's finally that time of year again. I can already feel the hot steam coming off of those silk dresses, the sound of the sewing machine finishing up those beautifully tailored pants and the sound of those sky high heels with the red soles hitting the runway i wish went on forever. It's fashion month.

It begins Thursday, February 9th, at 9 A.M. at the Lincoln Center in the heart of Manhattan, New York City, New York, but that by no way means we don't get the chance to celebrate it here in South Florida. I'm a huge fashion fan, and that's putting it lightly. A couple of years back, when I was just a middle schooler, I picked up a copy of Vogue and that's when my love affair began, the rest is history. When the designer debut their collections for the fall/winter of 2012, even though i'll be in class i'll be refreshing every minute to check out photos from backstage, on the street, and of course the most glamorous of all, from the runway.

I would like to think I could give an accurate hypothesis of what the designers are going to be putting down the runway for next season, but let's be honest, nobody ever knows, not even the designers until the minute before the show starts. Considering that the spring seasons have more of an abundance of colorful, flowy and flowery, autumn can be stereotyped to having just gray, black, and off-black. Although, designers lately

have been experimenting more with waistlines, hem lengths and details, resulting in a totally unpredictable upcoming season. Marc Jacobs may decide to incorporate neon, and Michael Kors just might add a leather to every look, and maybe Francisco Costa of Calvin Klein will get rid of his minamalist shift dresses and do something even more intricate.

Check out the schedule here! If you're as obsessed as I am you just may print it out and tape it to your closet.

Since Fashion week doesn't officially start until Thursday, I'm going to get myself in the mood by wearing my favorite clothes all this week. I feel it necessary to look my best, specially when I have Oscar De La Renta and Diane Von Furstenberg in mind. Do it yourself! Take the fashion week challenge, as I have now called it! Need some inspiration? Check out my favorite fashion blogs in the links here: , , .

Happy Fashion week everyone!


It's time of year again.

The time where football fans go crazy, and tailgaters stock up on their best.

That's right... IT'S THE SUPERBOWL.

This year's game is between the New York Giants, and the New England Patriots.

It is predicted by many that the New England Patriots will be bringing home the gold.

However, don't worry Giants fans, there is still much hope that the tables may turn.

Show your support for your favorite team and comment to tell us who you think will win this year 2012 Superbowl.

Tech Gripes

English: Videographer recording mainstage perf...
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Jumping on the tech discussion bandwagon this morning: there is nothing more frustrating than a hard drive crashing. Particularly the one where you have all your current video projects and music files. It's no rare occurrence, and it's happened to many a professional videographer before but ... goodness, does it stink.

On the one side, it's a kind of situation where there's not much you can do. Often, resorting to the backup of whatever current projects you have, however old and however much work you have to do to get back up to speed, beats shelling out hundreds of dollars on fixing that hard drive.

On the other side, it's a kind of situation where there's not much you can do. Yes, that's right: the fact that you can't do much to fix it is a double-edged sword; positive, because it'll save you time trying to fix the darn thing, but negative because, once it's broken, it's broken, and that's it.

English: Yazoo City, MS, April 29, 2010 -- FEM...
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Of course, regardless of whether you can fix the decrepit piece of hardware, the fact that it breaks down on you is a nuisance. Suppose you have a video due on a given day, it's on your hard drive, and bam, the drive fails the second you're supposed to present your final video. At best, all you have to do is bring another copy of the video from home the next day ... but at worst, you have to go back and re-edit the most recent edits you did in order to make the final video file again.

Sometimes, it's not just you that's pressuring you; it's other people, too. What if you're doing a video for a client, and they've been waiting long enough for the video. You've got to eat your pride and tell them, directly and honestly, "my drive failed so I'm going to need a few more days to get the video to you". The worst part about this in particular is that it's a lose-lose situation. Whether you lie and say you had a family emergency and thus couldn't finish the video, or whether you tell the Abe Lincoln truth and say your drive failed, your client is going to have a lessened perception of your skills. And you can't blame them: if you say something will be there on a given day and it's not, that's your responsibility; whether external factors impair your ability to meet that deadline is your concern, believe it or not.
English: Diagram of a computer hard disk drive
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All the while, that hard drive is just sitting there, laughing away in silence.

MiniDV cassette
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Maybe we should go back to tapes. Just saying.
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