Sunday, February 12, 2012

Whitney Houston died from addiction...

It's crazy to hear that a legend has died. Her talent was taken away from something so harmful... Her addiction.
I still remember seeing her on the Oprah show saying, "Crack is whack!" so what exactly killed her??

So many people have been dying from things that could've been avoided.. For instance, drinking and driving, addiction, fighting, and others. My question is, what happened to the traditional dying from old age??

All over Facebook people are judging others for saying their respects to Whitney.. But what's the big deal? Yes, she might not have known us. But I would appreciate it if something showed their respects to me even I'd I didn't know them!

Whitney Houston will always be remembered for her wonderful voice! In a way, her music has touched every single one of us.. If not now, then later.

R.I.P. Whitney Houston and all the other celebrities who died.. You will be missed!

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