Monday, February 6, 2012

High Fashion in High School

Let's face it- we all wish we could go to school in glamorous outfits and look like a million bucks, (at least I do). But, when it's six in the morning, your annoying alarm is blaring, and you wish you had an extra ten minutes to sleep, you don't really feel like throwing a fabulous outfit together.

I'd like to consider myself very fashion-savvy, and I gawk at Urban Outfitter's website almost everyday. But is dressing like you stepped out of an add in a magazine for school really worth it? In my opinion, I think so. You mostly see jeans and tees in the halls of high school, so why not be extrodinarily different? I'm trying to dress better at school, because appearence does matter. Let's just hope I feel the same way in the morning.

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