Sunday, February 5, 2012

February = Fashion Month, Fall/Winter 2012 Collections

It's finally that time of year again. I can already feel the hot steam coming off of those silk dresses, the sound of the sewing machine finishing up those beautifully tailored pants and the sound of those sky high heels with the red soles hitting the runway i wish went on forever. It's fashion month.

It begins Thursday, February 9th, at 9 A.M. at the Lincoln Center in the heart of Manhattan, New York City, New York, but that by no way means we don't get the chance to celebrate it here in South Florida. I'm a huge fashion fan, and that's putting it lightly. A couple of years back, when I was just a middle schooler, I picked up a copy of Vogue and that's when my love affair began, the rest is history. When the designer debut their collections for the fall/winter of 2012, even though i'll be in class i'll be refreshing every minute to check out photos from backstage, on the street, and of course the most glamorous of all, from the runway.

I would like to think I could give an accurate hypothesis of what the designers are going to be putting down the runway for next season, but let's be honest, nobody ever knows, not even the designers until the minute before the show starts. Considering that the spring seasons have more of an abundance of colorful, flowy and flowery, autumn can be stereotyped to having just gray, black, and off-black. Although, designers lately

have been experimenting more with waistlines, hem lengths and details, resulting in a totally unpredictable upcoming season. Marc Jacobs may decide to incorporate neon, and Michael Kors just might add a leather to every look, and maybe Francisco Costa of Calvin Klein will get rid of his minamalist shift dresses and do something even more intricate.

Check out the schedule here! If you're as obsessed as I am you just may print it out and tape it to your closet.

Since Fashion week doesn't officially start until Thursday, I'm going to get myself in the mood by wearing my favorite clothes all this week. I feel it necessary to look my best, specially when I have Oscar De La Renta and Diane Von Furstenberg in mind. Do it yourself! Take the fashion week challenge, as I have now called it! Need some inspiration? Check out my favorite fashion blogs in the links here: , , .

Happy Fashion week everyone!

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