Monday, February 6, 2012

New Fashion Trend in Eyewear?

While enjoying my birthday this past December in Disney World here in Orlando, Florida, I was surprised by a new glasses fashion trend. Many foreigners, Canadians especially, had been strolling along the parks with glasses with an MP3 and headphones attached to them.

They explained it's all the rage in their countries, much like the iPod is for America. And as they were tourists, they used their new glasses more than usual when shading their eyes from our tropical sunshine and keeping themselves entertained at the same time. they also don't run the risk of getting their MP3 stolen when they aren't paying attention, as most of us do with our iPods, because they are constantly wearing their glasses and they will therefore never be out of sight!

I came across these glasses again at a mall cart/booth in Pembroke Lakes Mall and they run between $50-$60. So go check them out!

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