Monday, February 27, 2012

Mechanical Bull Riding!

It's saturday afternoon and I have hours of homework that needs to be done including a literary analysis on Wuthering Heights. My nine year old sister asks me if I would like to go to one of her friends birthday parties with her. A birthday party for a ten year old didn't seem too appetizing to me. But being the procrastinator that I am, I agreed to go with her.
That had to be one of the best desicions I made this month! We pulled up to the Miami Lakes mansion, and my sister was in awe. His house was gorgeous, I'm talking tennis court with a pool and a jacuzzi and a golf course for a back yard gorgeous! There were multiple bounce houses, cotton candy machines, snow cone machines, pop corn makers, go-karts...This dude had go-karts in his backyard!
But none of this compared to what I would find beside the pool as I further toured the yard. There, imbedded in a bouncy, cushioned platform lied a mechanical bull! I was amazed. It was beautiful. My stepmother and I found our way past all the excitement to the layout of tables for the guests to sit. We ate and played a few family games but all I could think about was that mechanical bull in the corner of my eye. It was as if it was staring at me, calling for me to feel the amazing adrenaline it was willing to offer.
"I can't." I told myself hundreds of times in my head. There were a whole bunch of nine and ten year olds riding on that thing, including my sister who'd probably rode it about ten times before she puked. It would be silly for a girl of age to go and dare to ride that bull.
Finally, about an hour after arriving I stood out of my chair and made my way to the bull. I could feel the eyes staring at me as I waited my turn to ride. Something told me to go back to my seat, but I refused. I was going to conquer this bull! I felt free, wild, and exhilerated while I held on for dear life to the tiny piece of string poked out of the bull's back. Less than a minute later, I found myself falling head first to the cushion below me. It didn't hurt at all. I rose to a thunderous clap and cheer from the audience of guests. I took my bow and headed back to my seat. I feel so accomplished, I can now check "ride a mechanical bull" off my bucket list!

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