Monday, June 28, 2010

Hello Cello!

I think it is fair to say that the cello is one of the most unique instruments around. Capable of producing a deep thunderous sound and a high-pitched harmonic sound, the cello is one of the most beautiful sounding instruments to date. With this wide musical range, the cello can produce a hard rocker sound or a soothing classical masterpiece. Often times people don't recognize the sound of a cello, but in reality this large instrument is synthesized in many songs.

I've played the cello now for nearly two years and I can honestly say it is unlike any other instrument. I used to play the piano and I was constantly told to "feel" the music--a concept I had never really understood. When I began playing the cello, I was finally able to grasp this concept. The cello becomes like an extension of my body, in which every note I can feel. The beauty in the instrument is thus truly revealed.

Photo taken by Katelyn Chesonis.


ZAAKIRAH said...

I completely agree and understand your feelings for your Cello !
I was apart of the orchestra in middle school ! I am still a proud owner of a violin ! So trust me, I totally know what you're talking about in your blog ! :)
-~Zaakirah Muhammad

miss.khayphotograhy said...

Kate ! Awesome Post :)

Alison said...

Omg! I'm so glad I stumbled on this post...this is my 2nd yr of orchestra, and I used to play piano too, and I could say the same in terms of actually feeling the'm going to show one of my best friends your blog entry :-D