Friday, July 2, 2010

Dirty Dancing at Parties !

So it seems as if dirty dancing at parties is the new trend ! or at least its always been. I thought going to parties used to mean a celebration is happening. But now all it looks like is were celebrating our bodies and sex. I hate that I may just want to go to a party to respectfully enjoy myself or be supportive of whoever is throwing that party. Yet I meet guys who cant control themselves and I have to suffer the consequences. And I'm not a rude person but inevitably I have to result to the rudest actions to show that there are certain boundaries that you cant pass.

And let me be clear here its not all about the girls being disrespected and what not. Not every guy wants all these girls all up on him! What happened to the old days where we would ask each other for a dance ? We shouldn't assume that everyone wants our booties. Like seriously, sometimes its better to save the embarrassment. AWKWARD !

Dancing can be fun without being seductive and ridiculous. If you like dancing like that I'm not bashing you. Just don't dance with me...

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