Friday, July 30, 2010

The Secret Life of the American Teenager Twist!

When this show started in 2008, it was about Amy being pregnant with Ricky's baby but is going out with Ben and really likes him and Adrian is going out with Ricky. But now, Adrian is pregnant with Ben's baby and not only is she pregnant, but she is having the baby. When Amy finds out, after everyone else, she gets really angry and doesn't talk to anyone but her kid, John, for days. After Amy becomes furious with Ben and not answering his phone calls and text messages, he decides to go out with Grace. When Amy does talk to someone, it's Adrian and Amy says she wants to be friends.

While all these are going on, there is something going on with Ashley and Ricky which is breathtakingly surprising. Also, Jack moves into Grace's guesthouse which makes
Madison very unconfortable.

The next few episodes for the rest of season 3 will make everything clear about what Amy feels about all these and if she will ever forgive Ben and go back out with him and what will happen with everyone else.

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