Friday, August 13, 2010


Here is yet another blog relating to the new popular series, Twilight. A lot of people seem to be freaking out about this and I personally don't see the big deal. I've never read the books I've only seen the movies, but people are really over reacting about this series. Don't get me wrong I have nothing against the author. It is a very creative story, and the fact that it became a series of feature length is quite impressive. Its almost genius if you think about it. What I'm complaining about is the fans.
I'm a horror fan and I've seen tons of movies involving the good old fashion vampires. The ones that would attack there victims and make them their undead servants, or burn to dust when they step out of the sun. Now because of the fans, I'm afraid that sparkling "Edward Cullen" will replace Dracula or Nosfetratu.
I recall a time when I went to the DVD release of Twilight, because some how my friends (who were female), some how convinced me to come with them. Lines of these obsessive fans reached all the way to the parking lot. I kept asking myself, "This is all for a DVD!?" I feared my safety due to all the "teams". Actually these "teams" are more like "gangs". I was waiting for gun fire to break out due to an argument between Edward and Jacob.
Another main issue I have a problem with is the fan's attitudes toward the actors. It appears to me that most of the people only learned about Robert Pattison and Taylor Lautner because of their roles in Twilight. Only after this movie did people care about their past movies. I guarantee you that if other actors were chosen to play Edward and Jacob no one would've made as big of a deal. Its amazing what a few fictional characters can due to a whole teenage generation. In a way, its kind of disturbing.

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