Friday, October 15, 2010

Matt and Kim!

Matt and Kim is an energetic fun band that just released their new album "Sidewalks". Their unique beats and great sound just makes you want to get up and bust your best dancing moves. Matt Johnson is involved with the vocals and plays keyboard, while Kim is also included in the vocals and plays the drums. This dynamic duo started their music adventure as "Matt and Kim" in 2004. Ever since they've been rocking out and creating music for everyone to enjoy. I had the absolute pleasure to interview Matt and Kim.

Rachel: How is the tour going for you guys?
Kim: It's good.
Matt: It's awesome actually!

Rachel: How is it living on a bus?
Kim: This is kind of our normal life where going home is strange now. We're only home like three months out of the year.
Matt: I mean a lot of it's different, a lot of it is doing shows where we fly in and fly out on a daily basis. It gets pretty stressful, but doing the bus...the bus ain't bad!

Rachel: What other bands inspired you guys? What inspired you to start making music?
Kim: It wasn't like we were trying to start a band, I just wanted to learn how to play drums and Matt had a keyboard he wanted to figure out. In Brookyln the scene we're in it's a combination of artist, musicians, and people who are just down to party. Coming from that background it was very easy to start. I mean we got forced to play our first show. We weren't trying to start a band.
Matt: But I think in the end it was more inspiration from friends then like "Oh hey there's this big band" or whatever. A lot of it was bands that we loved and we loved to see. They were doing rad stuff. We were really just messing around and that was really what inspired us. It was just a close nit music community in Brooklyn that we just fell into by accident.

Rachel: You guys are so fun and energetic. How do you keep those qualities while performing all of the time?
Kim: Well, we get to play all the time. (laughs)
Matt: As tired as you can be or whatever, the second we go out to play, to have a bunch of people super stoked is what helps. Whatever bad situation I may be in I snap out of right when I get on stage. We love what we do and we don't take any of it for granted. Kim and I write exactly what we want to hear in music. You need to do what you love.

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