Monday, May 7, 2012

AP Studying Tips

With AP exams fast approaching, studying is vital to ensure success. While we may have forgotten some stuff from the beginning of the school year, it's not too late to start studying now!

1.Start a study group: 2 heads are definitely better than one! Get a group of friends together and quiz each other about different topics. You can exchange different ideas and also learn new ways to remember the information. Plus, you can have more fun studying with your friends than all by yourself.

2. Review your notes: While you may be an expert on the current topics you have studied, you may have forgotten something you learned back in October. So, go through your old notes, tests, and homework, because they're bound to help you succeed.

3. Attend tutoring sessions: Some teachers offer tutoring before or after school as exams come closer. Take advantage of this and try going to a few of them. Learning from your teacher and peers might help you retain information better and will come in handy during the exam.

4. Flash cards: Make some flash cards with vocabulary words, terms, or ideas on them. For example, if you're taking AP Psychology, you can write down the theory of a psychologist and quiz yourself on it. By making cards, you can study basically any where from the cafeteria to your home. You can help your friends too with convenient flash cards.

5. Relax!: Studying will help you do great on the AP but you have to remember to relax. Don't get nervous, because if you have learned and understood the information then you'll do fine! Just try your best and you will see a positive result.

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