Monday, June 4, 2012

Facing Your Fears 101

Fear. Everyone has their own. Whether be it fear of judgment , spiders, or even Two days ago, one of my very own fear was of roller coasters. Two days ago my school hosted a end-of-the-year to Islands of Adventure in Universal. I've gone to Islands before, in addition to other theme parks, however, every single time I would not face my fear of roller coasters... Always saying to myself, "Next time." However, THIS time I was absolutely determined to confront my fear upfront. I even arranged for several friends to literally drag me on if they had to, if I were to chicken out last minute. Thankfully, I did not chicken out, and the very first ride that we went on upon arriving universal was the notorious Hulk... One of my worst fears. Waiting in line was the most terrible part of the roller coaster; it raised my anxiousness and suspense level to the max. The ride itself was, in a word, Breathtaking. I was pushed against the seat as we shot off at 40 miles per hour in a mere two seconds. The dips, turns, and loops brought adrenaline pumping through my veins. If felt like as if I were flying! For a little over a minute I felt as free as a bird. After the ride ended, I could barely register what had just occurred. I left feeling dizzy, pumped, and wanting to go ride more coasters! I am so glad that I faced fear. Without me suspecting it, my fear had morphed into a pleasure. I am now a roller-coaster fanatic, and cannot wait until the next time I have the opportunity to ride more. All you who have read this, I implore you to at your next opportunity, face your own fear. You never w=know until you experience it. So, be yourself, stand up to those spiders, and ride the roller coaster. It is always better to try and know how you truly feel about something, than to spend your time wondering what it would be like. <3 , Karam

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