Friday, March 30, 2012

AP Econ Review | (under 12 mins) | based on MLEC Review

A brief outline of the items discussed in the AP Macroeconomics Review at Miami Lakes Educational Center in March. Based on the lectures by Eric Krause (

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Summer seems far away...

In a way, it's really close. I mean, March is almost over, then it's just a few more months and we're out of school. But, it seems like the closer I am to summer vacation, the more stressed I become. I've had a ton of work lately, and with EOCs coming up, I doubt my homework load will get any lighter. Weekends -which used to be two whole days of fun and no work- are now filled with studying and worried about upcoming tests. For now I'll just have to envision a sunny day at the beach to keep me motivated.   

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Happy Spring Break!

It's that same time of year again.

That awkward one week holiday set in the middle of nowhere.

Yet that same awkward one week off, is the last long holiday we, student, receive before going onto summer break.


Spring is the time for renewal and cleaning, hence spring cleaning.

So here I am to give a few tips to those on spring break right now.

Tip #1: Clean up and organize your room and work space. This is one of the most important things you can do because once you are more organized, you will become more concentrated. Think of it like this, if you had a bunch of papers and, pens, and books sprawled all over your desk, would you be able to concentrate as well as you would if it was tidy and clean. IT would be difficult for you to determine which paper was which when you are looking for a specific one.

Tip#2: Get Healthy. Get your 1 hour or more of exercise per day and I guarantee that you will feel more energized than you did before. Eating a balanced diet will also improve health, concentration, and skin.

Tip#3: Sleep: Don't over do it, but do try to get at least 8 hours of sleep per night. I can tell you this by personal experience, good amounts of sleep = healthy skin, energy, and better mood.

Tip#4: Renew and replenish your wardrobe. Spring is the time of blooming, so why not brighten up your old wardrobe with a splash of spring inspired colors such as bright re, blue, green, yellow, and pink.

Tip#5: Try to finish up as much work for school as possible, that way when you get back you don't need to be stressed.

That's it for now, but have a great rest of your spring break!

Lack of Warranty

With any iota of creativity comes a lack of warranty that that same creativity will produce good ideas. Whenever brainstorming sessions happen, whether they're group efforts or individual "stare at a wall until you get an idea" moments, their facility to produce thought after thought is unquestionable.

What is questionable is whether those thoughts, or even some of those thoughts, should mature into full-blown ideas.

Through my years of making movies, from documentaries to comedy shorts to small dramatic pieces, I've never known if the idea I had for a given piece is good or not. What's worse, for most pieces, you need to talk to lots of people in order to make it happen. You need to sell the idea to plausible actors, stage hands, camerapeople, boom operators; the works.

In essence, to see if the idea is worthy of execution, you need to sell it to people whilst unbeknownst to its appeal or feasibility. And that, I find, is the bane of any creator whose craft requires convincing others to follow through and along.

You're always guaranteed that your purpose is pure as dictated by your own drive and passion for it, but when it comes to whether the drive and passion behind the idea is worhty of it, you've got nothing but a lack of warranty.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

EXPRESS FARE | Update #2

Bus shoot canceled, waiting on further approval from Miami-Dade Transit.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Night Owl: Update #1

Filming has now changed to a daytime shoot aboard Route 301, which travels from Florida City to Marathon, FL! Anyone interested now?

Night Owl: The Plans

Plans for a documentary-style production aboard one of Miami-Dade Transit's overnight routes, Route S.

If you're a film or journalism or TV Production aficionado or student, high school level or higher, and you'd like to help out, please contact me at!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Super Tuesday

Super Tuesday results will have a huge impact on the momentum of the GOP Primary Race, with 437 delegates across 10 states up for grabs. After the near win for Romney in Michigan (which Santorum interestingly denies because of the delegate count) and the landslide victory for Romney in Arizona largely due to the Mormon vote, tonight will tell if Romney's momentum will continue. Each state works differently, a process nicely explained by ABC News. (

Tonight, both Romney and Gingrich will have advantages in their respective home states of Massachusetts and Georgia. Whether Romney will be able to swing votes away from Santorum in the more conservative states remains the eternal question. And of course, a crucial swing state for the general election, Ohio will give significant confidence to the winning candidate.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Romance in Journalism

HooHaa 52 -Television (Week 22)
I wonder what's romantic about Jon Stewart's job.

"HooHaa 52 -Television (Week 22) (Photo credit: Grizdave)"
I attended a journalism panel today with a couple of my colleagues from my TV Production class, and while some of the things the four panelists said were usual journalism lore - writing skills a must, worldliness and curiosity a requirement - but one thing stood out.

I asked a question regarding the relationships a journalist establishes with his sources. Not romantic relationships, simply the interactions one has to have with different people in order to interview them, to ask them questions and find out more about a story, etc.

I was delighted to find that the journalists on the panel saw things in essentially the same light as my question saw them. They too admitted to a certain level of romance in journalism. The same way you use words wisely and aesthetically when, let's say, flirting with a cute girl; you use your words and your presentation with sources in order to gain their trust and, objectively speaking, squeeze the most information you can out of them for your story.

The Flirtation
Essentially, these three country people might as well be journalists!

Image via Wikipedia
There's a sense of selfishness when you see it this way: you're just cajoling someone into giving you something you want. But, in a sense, isn't that kind of the way flirting and romantic ventures work, too? Sure, developed romances are mutually satisfactory unions that each constituent enjoys, but initial flirting or wooing is quite one-sided. When you approach a dainty female at a restaurant with the goal of taking her out to the movies the same night, you are subtly demanding something: her company, namely.

It's identical with sources. You demand information, but to attain it, you must present yourself as a respectful, honest, trustworthy person with nothing but the job in mind.

Quite romantic indeed, don't you think?
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Running for the Soul

I recently started running with a friend and I have to say, I've never felt better. The wind in my hair while I run mixed with the release of pent up anger helps me get through the hectic week. Running seems to help both physically and mentally because it gives people a break from homework, stress, or other undesirable feelings. When you run, it's like breaking free from all your anger, sadness, and overall motivates you to take that extra step. From a scientific point of view, running decreases body fat and helps to increase the production of HDL cholesterol, which is the good kind. Running also helps to decrease stress, give a better self-image, and releases endorphins that naturally make you happier. Running seems to be good for the mind and body and in my opinion, is way more fun than doing homework.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Dumb Phobias: Riding the Bus

What's that? A giant, rectangular construction of steel and plastic ready to unleash evil and doom upon the world? A metal monster sent by the gods to wreak havoc upon organized society? Or, an electrically powered instrument of destruction bent on destroying all vehicles and people it encounters?

No, it's a public bus. Miami-Dade Transit Route L, to be exact, on an old hybrid bus.

Why am I talking about a bus? Well, here's a better question: why are you afraid of them?

Who am I talking to? People with a dumb phobia of riding the bus, or with a dumb phobia towards any other seemingly dangerous thing that really isn't.

I mean, I understand how phobias work. You have a really bad experience at an early age usually, it scars you terribly, and for all eternity thereafter - for no logical reason - you avoid the related circumstances like the plague.

I think that's what discourages some teens from using public transportation. Other teens may have parental blocks on usage of public transportation, but others (usually those who don't have such blocks) simply refuse to use it. Why?

Well, one of my friends fell on a bus when he was little and broke his ankle because he put no effort into breaking his fall properly. Another friend of mine took the wrong bus into the wrong neighborhood with her mom at age 9. All these "horror stories" (which really aren't) discouraged these kids from ever again utilizing a public bus.

It's irrational, but what's most inconvenient about it is that, unless you're a kid whose personal or family infrastructure allows them to get a car and full license at the age of 16 or shortly thereafter, you're bound to need to travel somewhere regardless. And, when your parents can't take you and you can't drive yourself; what, are you going to make up an excuse saying you're sick or something and avoid going at all? What if it's an important school event? A hot date? A good chance to hang out with your friends? A job? A career opportunity?

All these events would be insulted (if they could) if you were to pass them up just because you have an irrational fear of taking the bus to get somewhere. Public transportation forms the arteries of a society on the move, just like roads and cars do. What's special about public transit, though, is that it enables those who can't drive a car and would otherwise be unable to be part of that constantly moving society, to do so. Namely, the too young, the too old, the DUI'd, and the otherwise incapacitated.

It's a beautiful thing.
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