Sunday, September 1, 2013

Syria: Should we intervene?

President Obama has issued a letter seeking the House and Senate to weigh in on this pressing question. BBC News reports that 1429 people, 426 of them children, have died in a single chemical attack taking place in Syria at the hands of the government. Currently, the United Nations' weapons inspectors have left Syria after gathering evidence on the acts. The analysis of this evidence may take weeks to be completed. Meanwhile, innocent children and civillians continue to face inhumane violence as the world looks on; waiting for the United States to make a decision.
America is considered to be the greatest nation on Earth and one of the most envied because of our founding principle of freedom. Therefore, I firmly believe that we should step in. If we don't, who will? The United Kingdom's Defense Secretary has stated that the British army will not intervene while other nations are hesistant to make any final decisions.  

Our nation is a historial beacon of safety and justice, and thus we have a moral obligation to stand up for justice and human rights. This occurrence harkens back to the time of Hitler's regime, when millions of minorities were being persecuted and slaughtered in Europe during the Holocaust. The Allied Forces, including the United States, turned a blind eye to these monstrosites and waited years before acting upon such genocide. Precious lives could have been spared in that period, and the same is true for the civilians of Syria.

In addition to immediate action, I do believe that the United States government needs to inform the American public about what will take place in Syria and the extent to which the U.S. will participate in the country's affairs. I think that a lot of citizens felt that they were out of the loop when America entered the Middle East, an act of warfare that took an enormous economic and social toll on our nation. Thus, the public needs to be assured how we will deliver aid in a efficient and effective manner.

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