Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Acceleration of Technology in Today's Time

When was the last time you saw a VCR tape or a VCR player? Do you even know what a VCR tape is? How about Laser discs?  What about Floppy disks?

Back in the day, from maybe the 1960s to the late 1990s these items of technology were red hot. People thought they were hip if had that new smoking record from their favorite artist. These things are things of the past now, and considering all of the new technology in the world today, it makes sense.  

Think about in one days time how much of the things a person comes in contact with are digital? Let’s start from dawn to dusk, one wakes up maybe turns off an alarm clock. After successfully turning off that alarm clock five times and trudging into the bathroom they flick on the lights and freshen up. 

They make their way back to their bedroom flick on that light and get dressed. They do their hair maybe even a hair straighter or a curler, no bad hair days here. Feeling fresh and dandy they make their breakfast, using a toaster and an electrical stove they make the ultimate breakfast, an egg sandwich. 

They dash out the door and head off to live their day whether it be at school or work they encounter technology at every turn. Cell phones, televisions, office phones, cars, computers, the list can go on, depending where you are. 

They make it back home safe and sound they warm up some dinner and relax for a bit. It might be at a computer or maybe a television.  Relaxation may actually be somewhat analog for example reading a book but technology is there with that blinding LED light bulb. That's it from dawn to dusk.

Technology is everywhere and is evolving faster as time progresses.  What’s next on this ever accelerating agenda of technology? Will it include a mass production of hover cars and holograms?

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