Thursday, June 30, 2011

Sweet Summer Travels

Traveling is my passion, I love to see how different people and places are just a few miles away or across oceans.

Just a couple of weeks before school ended I spent a few days in St. Augustine which made my urge to travel grow and made me be set on traveling as much as I can this summer. I fell in love with the Old City and made sure to remember every bit of its fascinating history.

The culture up there is so different from what we have here in Broward, it's a different world altogether! But it is beautiful, everyone is extremely nice and helpful, and it gives you a glimpse back into the past and as to how the Spanish used to be. Definitely a place to check out for any history buffs out there. I fell so in love with the city I'm even considering applying for their college.

We're already a few weeks into our summer vacation and I've already started my travels and planned more for the weeks up ahead.

The first week of the summer started with a trip to Orlando and the surrounding area. Everyone loves Orlando because of Disney World, of course, but this time I wanted to see how the city is from a local's point of view. My family and I ate and shopped at local places whose profit doesn't directly come from tourism. The hospitality was still there though, and that's something I really love about Orlando. Whether in the middle of the tourism market, or on the outskirts hanging with the locals, the warm feeling and treatment of the people never changes.

Now I'm getting ready for a trip down to Key West this Sunday. I'm taking a tour of the city with my dad, always fun to travel with him. He is a person who loves traveling close to how much I do. I'm hoping the trip turns out great and I'll be sure to take lots of pictures (another one of my passions)!

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