Monday, December 19, 2011

Does the Government have the right?

A couple weeks ago, I was reading an article about the government taking a young boy away from his mother because he was overweight at only 14 years old. The government took the child from his home and placed him with a foster parent.

This makes me question their judgement. Did they ever think that the boy was happy with his weight? Was it right from them to take him away from his only family?
According to the article, the boy ate when he got home from school when his mother was away at work. She didn't allow him to eat certain things so he waited until she wasn't home. Yet, the government accused her of abusing her child with food.

Honestly, they can't blame her for his own decisions. I can understand suggesting that he goes on a drastic diet but to bring him to another family was taken overboard!
The government is starting to get involved in everything going on that doesn't necessarily need their help... What else will the government do??

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