Monday, December 12, 2011

Why's this Happening?

I like to describe myself as a producer of video and written content with a creative focus. In other words, I make online video, I write articles for my blog; all stuff like that. It follows logically, then, that being assigned a video project whether for school or for a friend would be welcome news and that I would spring on the task at hand.

But for some reason, that barely happens.

I like to think that it happens because I'm a teenager who gets distracted easily, or maybe because even  though I have a passion for all things, I don't really have a good workflow set up when things get serious ... but I feel that all these excuses are scapegoats at best. They don't satisfy the guilty conscience that rears its ugly head when it's time to turn in a video to a friend or for a school function and I've barely laid down the timeline.

For one thing, it's frustrating because I know I love this stuff. But moreover, it's perplexing why it always ends up happening like that. I genuinely fail to see the reason why the same chain of events always repeats itself, and to be honest, if I can summarize it, years from now, as just one of the many hardships I had to overcome in the path to becoming a professional video producer, then by George, let it be that!

At least I'll have a reliable perspective on it.

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