Monday, December 5, 2011

A little APES-inspired poem

APES: AP Environmental Science. The headache of every junior (and the occasional senior). Despite the endless projects, the pages upon pages of data and dates and laws, the lists of geological and ecological terminology, the people and places... APES is truly a valuable class. We don't quite appreciate the relevance and urgency of such studies; we live in a changing world, we need to learn as much as we can about it NOW before everything as we know it disappears. A recurring theme in APES seems to be the fragility of the planet and the most unfortunate occurrence in its history; the appearance of Man. Hence this little poem I wrote... It's APES in a poetic nutshell.

First, there was nothing

And then there was life

Life in her seas, the land and air

Breathing, changing, singing,

Then came He who Spoke

With flames in His hands and purpose in His eyes

His steps were heavy and the earth trembled

As it met its Master

Now He cannot hear her speak

His head is full of air

And his eyes clouded with the dust

Of trees forgotten

Her hands tied with cords

Artificial lights rival her stars

Weaving a gray canvas,

The dark milieu of His half life

Fades to black

Now He is need of help

He has lost sight of His purpose

To live as the grass that never forgets to grow

Let your inner spirit nurture Him

Keep your mind as open as the sky

Step even, step light

Help Him wake up inside

From His half life

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