Monday, July 2, 2012

I Went to the University of Florida Today...

What better way to spend summer then investing in your future?

Today, at about 8:30 in the morning, my family and I embarked on a journey to UF, the college of my dreams. And let me tell you, I'm making my dream a reality if it kills me.

 Once we got there, we took a tour of the College of Journalism and Communications (It was so amazing, I was trying not to hyperventilate) and I couldn't stop imagining myself being a Gator. I felt like I belonged there. 

Once that tour was over, we took a lunch break at the food court in Reitz Union, which made me feel like I was in a mall. (Hey, they need to feed 50,000 students.) I munched on Subway, eagerly wanting to see the rest of the school. I kept seeing so many bright faces, I couldn't help feeling that everyone one in this school is incredibly nice and friendly.

After lunch, we stopped at the bookstore (which has much more than books) then headed down to the Welcome Center for a tour of the whole school.

During the tour of the whole school, we were lead by two chipper students who happily led us through the school, and we saw everything from The Swamp to dorm rooms.

By the end of the tour, everyone was sweating bullets (that Florida summer heat just doesn't stop!) so we headed back to the car and checked out some of the Fraternities.

As we drove back home to my grandparents house near Orlando, I couldn't help feeling a tinge of sadness. But, if I work hard in school, I'll get in, and I won't have to leave as soon!     


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