Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A Trip to Change My Life (One that I didn't even want to take)

Sometimes, there's this time in life when you feel like it's time to change. And here I am. 

I've always been a person to serve too much on my plate and then scramble to finish it.

Now, I'm stuck in one of Florida's northern cities, Ocala, taking a college course (not my idea). And oddly enough, it's been a self-realization trip.

I see the simplicity code the locals live by, and I'm in awe. 

They are extremely kind and helpful, selling products off their own farm on their front porch, rocking in their rocking chairs and smiling as you pass by them.

It's country feel and warmth wraps me up and has inspired me with new ideas, goals, and dreams.

If you don't know, I'm always volunteering at almost every place in my community you can think of. 

But this time I wanna get out and travel the world, help those most in need, and settle down in a place where I can still be of help.

I want to help others around the world just like neighbors up here help each other. And hopefully when I settle down and start my own family it'll be deep in the country, down those back roads I love to explore and which my kids will love as well.

I've learned to love myself a little more as well, and at the same time be confident in myself. I feel like that's helped me mature even more.

My passions still remain the same, helping others and being a journalist. But my values have changed from thosed of a big city girl rubbing elbows with the "populars", to those of a backwoods country girl's southern hospitality.

I wish South Florida were this way. That way I wouldn't be pulling out my hair every day.

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