Tuesday, July 19, 2011

lets talk?

3 years ago: "Oh okay no problem, just email me later."
2 years ago: "Awesome, myspace me and I'll let you know."
A few months ago: "Fine, just facebook me the information."
Today: "What do you mean? I tweeted you.."
Tomorrow: Lets talk about it now..

Wishful thinking, huh? But not impossible.
Right now, a lot of people pretend to be busier then they actually are.
We imagine everyone is consumed in their own filled lives and we decide even if we don't have that yet, we'll make it seem as if we do.

So when your friend Jackie asks what you did last Saturday, of course you answer, "I went to the beach with some friends after I cured cancer and made chocolate calorie free." But only because she'll cooly respond, "Oh cool. Well I have to go, I'm really tired. I ran a 3k marathon today."

But in reality, you went in your pool for 1o minutes last Saturday, then decided it was too hot out and spent the rest of your day lying in bed. And we all know Jackie didn't run a marathon today, she didnt even run. She went on a 15 minute fast walk around her block and spent the rest of her day google-ing "cute exercising outfits."

But lets not waste anyone's precious time and get straight to the point.
The next time you need to talk to someone, go talk to them.
Don't wait until they're far away, making them physically unreachable.
And if it gets to that point, don't text them or email them.. call them.

Because hopefully that call will act as a gateway to a world where people talked to other peoples faces.
Not to a slim smart phone or an online blogging website.

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