Sunday, July 31, 2011

Staying Strong

Not everything is always so simple. Whether it be boy troubles, friend troubles, family troubles, school troubles, work troubles, you name it! Something I tend to notice in people is that they let these things get to them. They let these things dissolve their every whim to be a strong person. Troubles absorb one's life until they don't even see the point in trying anymore.

I used to be that person. The person that just sat back as drama took its toll on me. I let everything affect me. The drama in my life really became my life. I couldn't stand it and I couldn't allow myself to trust anyone. I thought if I gave anyone the slightest chance, they would take advantage of that trust and ruin me in the end.

But after recent events, I have learned that I can no longer be that person. Once my grandmother passed away, I knew I needed to stay strong. Not only for myself, but for my family. For my grandmother. By staying strong, I can overcome anything. My grandmother is now in a better place and is done suffering through the pain she had to go through to fight her illness. It took a lot for me to realize this. But now that I do, I know no drama with my peers can take a toll on me any longer. If I can stay strong for my grandmother, then I can stay strong for myself.

Everyone goes through their own issues. I know I cannot complain about my life because there are others who do not even have a home. I am not complaining. The point I am trying to get across is that, everyone can stay strong if they just put in a little effort.

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Karen said...

That was beautiful Sarah.