Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Goodbye Break

Well now that midterms are over and the beginning of second semester begins, all the schoolwork is being pushed towards me again and all my reaction is, is "WHAAAAAAT!?"

See, the problem with midterms is they never actually come before winter break... They are always right after. This leads to that week after break where we are just coming back to school and there's not that much work. It's all just studying and maybe a little extra work here and there. But even if you get a lot of work, the next week is all half days and days off for midterm week.

So yet again, I get back into break mode. And trust me, I am the kind of person who does not procrastinate unless I really don't have the time. But when I am in break mode, I become just about the laziest person you would know. I say goodbye to my busy bee days, lie down in bed, and just watch Netflix for endless hours.

Call me lame all you want, but I know all you secret How I Met Your Mother fans do it too now that they have six seasons of it up onto Netflix. Best show ever, may I add? Anyway, back to the point.

I get into total break mode yet AGAIN during exam week (of course when I'm not studying, but that's simple stuff). And then I come back to school on Monday and what do I get? So much homework, it is unbelievable. Whoever said senior year is the year you get to relax was playing a pretty good prank on me.

But I don't know. I guess I would have the same reaction if midterms were before break and I came back to school to face all this school work. But I feel as if midterm week teases us, in a way that we get a two week break, come back to school for a week, then go on another short little break. Next thing I know I come back to school and I have extensive amounts of homework to do. I feel if midterm week was right before break and then we had break, it would just be one long break, instead of an erratic mess after midterms.

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