Monday, January 23, 2012

Mr.Sun, Please Shine Down on Me

This weekend, I decided it would be fun to fulfill my childhood wish: Plant a sunflower. I love sunflowers because of their bright colors and overall way of making a person smile. They can grow to tall heights and are often part of a picturesque setting. I planted my sunflower (Appropriately named Sunny) in a pot and found myself digging through a bag of freshly bought soil. I was never to fond of gardening, nor did I think I was good at it, but there's a good feeling knowing you are helping the environment and making it a cleaner place. I proudly watered my sunflower seed and hope that it will grow 9-12 inches, just as the bag it came in told me it would. Sunflowers should be exposed to full sunlight, unlike other plants, and they usually bloom in the summer time. Well, in 86 days I hope I can sit outside of my house and see Sunny the Sunflower soaking up the sunlight.

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