Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Primary Raises Concern on Who is Fit to be President

As the primary continues on, a faint little thought came into my head the other day. While I do give props to Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich for their extreme efforts to become the presidential nominee, I worry about the country as a whole. While yes, both Romney and Gingrich have multiple benefits of becoming president, they both lack security.

Romney cannot stick to one ideal, constantly changing his mind. And Gingrich lacks the ethics he needs to run a country. Yes, his affair is old news but old news or not, a good president needs good ethics.

So while I look at both candidates and see the positives they could bring to our country, I also see the negatives. Rick Santorum and Ron Paul are falling behind in the primary, so when it comes down to it, chances are Romney and Gingrich are the most probable candidates.

I feel the upcoming election will be a difficult vote and I unfortunately don't see many positive changes with whomever would win the presidential election. If only it were as simple as starting the primary all over again to find a better candidate with a better background, but obviously that will not happen.

While Romney and Gingrich are both superb speakers, I worry about the way this country will be run once the presidential candidate wins the race. All throughout the media, I see stories on who would be the best candidate to run against Obama, who would be able to win the presidential race. But I feel as if who would win against Obama, and Romney and Gingrich's debates against each other are covered more in the news than who would actually be best fit to be president.

So I hope soon in the news, there will be more coverage on that so I can get a better idea on how this country will be run in the upcoming years.

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