Monday, November 21, 2011

Being Sick When There is School

Moday, last week, I woke up feeling terrible -- my stomach was aching, my head pounding, and a fever running high.

So, I sent an email to my teachers and guidance counselor informing them that I would not be present at school today.

A couple hours later, my email's inbox started piling up.

I checked my emails and found replies from all my teachers and my guidance counselor.

One of the emails was special, though.

This was from my AP World History teacher.

He told me that he hopes I get well soon, however he also wrote that I needed to text him when I would take my quiz, which I was suppose to take today.

Before you get confused as to how I would take a quiz at home, let me give you some background information.

About a month ago, my school (Florida Atlantic University High) decided to supply the whole freshman class (approximately 75 people) with ipads for a year.

These ipads would replace notebooks, some textbooks, and most paper tests.

One of the applications on the ipad allows student given a special test code by teacher, to take tests directly on the ipad (you cannot cheat on the ipad because once you close the app it will automatically end the test).

So, as sick as I was, I replied to my teacher in the late afternoon saying I would take the challenge and take my test.

My high school is amazing; even when you are sick there is no escape form the work in my school.

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