Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Should Kids Sell Leftover Candy From Halloween?

Lately, kids have been using Halloween as a way to sell their candy to make a profit for themselves. Should this be allowed to happen? Is it right?
I personally feel that it's not right and kids should not sell leftover candy from halloween in school. For one, rules and regulations are already set among many schools either forbidding it or limiting the amount and kind. Perhaps like at McArthur High School where candy and other snack foods are only accepted to be sold if a member of a club or class. There are also specific times when each club or class is allowed to do so. This happens to be a convenient method for this school that way everyone can make a significant amount of money without having to compete with others.
Kids also should not sell leftover candy because it can be unsafe. Some kids can be allergic or have other health issues pertaining either to the candy or the ingredients inside that can cause a huge problem between both kids and even their families.
Also, what if parents limit their child from eating sweets, mainly candy? Should we agree with rebellious children? The only way to be sure and safe is to avoid the situation all together.

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