Monday, November 7, 2011

Countdown to Thanksgiving!

This year, we have a whole week off for Thanksgiving. That means no stressing about tests, or homework (well, hopefully) and, best of all, SLEEP. I am so excited for this upcoming week off from school so I can just relax. School has been going good lately, but I think that we, the hard working students of West Broward deserve a break, because, gosh dangit, we need sleep!

After this week long break of good food and fun, I'm excpecting loads of work after we come back, because after all, mid terms are a-comin', much to our dismay. (At We Bro, we can only exempt 3 classes. What?!) I'm dreading when they start, since I'm so used to exempting all of them.

Anywho, I'm counting down to Thanksgiving. Because who doesn't love sleeping and eating, right?

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