Monday, November 28, 2011

Caught in the Middle

It's hard to fight with good friends, but it's even harder to see good friends fight with each other, especially when you're the one caught between them.
Being the messenger is not only a dangerous job -- often the person who is being told something forgets where the message is really coming from and gets upset at the person who delivered the message-- but also a stressful task. If you say something that you weren't supposed to know but heard from the other person, or if you say something that could be interpreted as supporting one person more than the other, oh boy, things could end up very badly.When balancing two friends who have different takes on the same argument, one of the biggest challenges is staying neutral. Taking sides is never a good idea, and it can cause you to get dragged into the disagreement as well.
Unfortunately, I am dealing with two close friends of mine who are mad at each other. I'm worried about both of them and want to help them both however I can, but I can't turn on either of them.
Remind me not to become a debate mediator -- being in the middle of two opposing sides is a hard job!

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