Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Hanging out with Yourself/Sames Clash

So there's this girl ... yeah, it's one of those posts. The interesting thing about her is that our personalities are very much alike. When they say "opposites attract", I doubt that it's because a loner hipster would want to get with an outgoing skydiver (though this may actually work out well). They say it because sames clash.

My personality, in addition to its other qualities, is considerably overwhelming at times. I talk a lot, get really excited sometimes, and often get up in people's faces to speak to them. I feel like that gives me less credit than it should - I'm as often reserved and laid-back as I am excited - but I don't mind it. It's good to be self-effacing sometimes. It builds character.

The point is, this girl is the same way. And so, when we're talking on the phone or having a conversation in real life, it feels like I'm talking to myself on the other end, only with a higher pitched voice. All things that I want to say or do, or any particular way I want to act or behave, is met by its reciprocal on the other side, failing to fascinate or provoke interest. I feel like I'm hanging out with myself, and since myself knows so much about myself, it's hard to keep it interesting all the time.

I can't say I've experienced this kind of situation before, so if anything, it's a formative experience. Now to see how it plays out.

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