Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Winter in Florida? HA!

If you ever went out of state form Florida to visit family or friends, and say you met some new people. They ask where your from and you quickly reply "Florida!" Suddenly theya re all asking about the beachs, sun, and warm weather.
Florida is great and all beach 24/7, sun all year round. But it lacks one thing. WINTER! What of the teens all voer florida who scream "We want winter!" Now there are many teens who say they don't like the cold, granted. But there is an eve or more so amount wishing the cold fronts would come in so those dusty hoodies, and jackets could be pulled form the closet wrapped around yourself as if you were wearing your own personal blanket.
Many teen shout for the justice in the injustice that is mohter natures twist on florida. One day it could be perfectly clear then snap! You have a rain storm coming down on you. Or vice versa. It seems that Florida makes up it lack of cold with increased humidity which in turn just raises the heat! I think many teens agree we demand the winter we deserve! The winter mother nature has so graciously torn from out sand layed coasts!

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