Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Homecoming Court Elections

A full week before the Homecoming dance is meant for those who made it on the ballot to campaign to the students in their school about why they feel they are the best candidates for the roles as Prince and Princess or King and Queen. Colorful posters, flyers being handed out, stickers, more conventional handouts being passed out, and after a day of seeing the other competitors creativity and technic, it starts to get crazy! The Homecoming Court multiples their advertisement to out beat their opponent and get more votes. After you surpass all the hype, you realize that picking Homecoming Prince & Princess according to the grade level and King & Queen for seniors, is just a "popularity contest" wrapped up in a symbolic meaning used for many years that I believe has lost its purpose. Now, the people who win are the ones that know the most people. Instead of people being chosen for their personality, reputation in school, and the different opportunities they can offer to the table. Hopefully this contest gets their purpose back and realize it should just be for FUN!

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