Monday, November 21, 2011

Thoughts re: Inept Fascists + extended metaphors for all you syntax buffs

If you haven't heard, those parents that name their kids after Nazi culture just lost custody of "Adolf Hitler", their son. In the spirit of Tosh, let's see how many comments we can make in thirty seconds!

Wouldn't you feel bad if you were one of the other kids who got named like "Himmler" or something (Hitler's second-in-command)? I mean, Hitler was pretty clearly the top dog in terms of Nazis. The parents are basically saying to the other kids, "Hey, even though you are descendants of the √úbermensch and born leaders of the world, your brother is better than you".

My favorite part of this whole thing is that the parents are going through this whole court battle like they're all surprised they're losing custody. It's like "What's everybody mad about? The Nazi thing? No way, it couldn't be that. Really? Radical Neo-Nazism is frowned upon? Well I'll be jiggered." I mean did they really think people were gonna let this go on for too long?

I'm also not surprised this happened in Jersey. Whenever someone is pushing the limits of credulity, it's in Jersey. Can you imagine if Jersey Shore went Fascist? Let's hope that they stick with grenades instead of upgrading to A-bombs, cause if they had gotten the A-Bomb they prob'ly would have won the war….I guess in this extended metaphor World War II is being compared to the media, which is fine, but in case you're getting bored, here's a Jersey Shore related pun I thought of. They should call the Situation the Unfituation because he's UNFIT for life in modern civilized society, yak yak yak, except that sort of thinking led to World War II in the first place, so everybody be cool.

Anyway, in all seriousness, there's probably some sort of child abuse or something going on with these parents, so we should all approach this with a degree of maturity. Max out.

Also here's the article I found out about this in:

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