Monday, November 7, 2011

British Television Vs. American Television?

There's been so much debate on whether American t.v. is better than British t.v. The best example of this you can find is Skins, the British t.v. show that's caused much controversy here in the U.S. Many people say that Skins is a great show after seeing it on E4, the common t.v. channel in the U.K. Once taken from E4 and made into a less provocative show on MTV, many say the show was much better with the popular U.K actors such as Hannah Murray, Layla Lewis, Alex Arnold, and many others. The U.K. version of the show is a BAFTA award winning show about a group of teenagers living dysfunctional lives and facing problems that teenagers in reality normally face. I am a fan of the U.K. version of Skins, and other shows on E4, such as Misfits, which happens to be my favorite. After seeing these shows on E4, I've looked down on American television ever since!

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