Monday, November 7, 2011

A day in the life in my shoes !

So today was an interesting day! I started off by being late to my first hour class English 3Honors which is very complicated at the moment because we are reading the crucible and is sooooo boring. It really makes no sense to me I guess that's because I really having been paying much attention! (hahahaha) Then came Algebra2 we learned about substituting x for y. Uh! like I'm going to need that for my career. Now time to get physical P.E. the down fall of my day I guess it's because I'm so lazy! Doing work outs and running makes me so irritated. Now the past American History Honors which is not so bad. Our teacher surprisingly makes it interesting. Now comes another bump on my day PHYSICS!!!! I strongly dislike this class. I don't care about the velocity of a car is going 30mph on a 20ft ramp. This is something that I will never need to help me survive. And I find this class to be a unnecessary headache! Last but not least Sociology the study of social norms. This class really make me second guess a lot of things that I never seemed to notice nor care about. Which is really good for me because I look at certain things from a different view and I am learning not to be so judgemental which I find to be a big plus!!!

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