Monday, November 7, 2011

Can you believe the stress!?

Going into my senior year of high school, I recall thinking to myself, "This year is going to be so carefree and great! I can finally just kick back and relax! Everything will be a breeze!" Sometimes I tend to be a tad bit optimistic and lose a sense of reality.

Honestly, I am more jam packed with work than I have ever been before and this has just been driving me bonkers! All throughout high school, my teachers have told me, "Wait until you're a senior, and finally you'll have a break from all of this homework." ....Really? That totally explains the pounds of homework packed onto my shoulders everyday, and that is not including all of the extra work I have to do, such as my online class, college applications, figuring out volunteer work, scholarships, and the list just goes on...and on....and on.... AND ON.

But let me pause for a second and take a breather because I do not intend to continue on with a silly little rant. I need to use some words of wisdom here and offer some advice to all my fellow seniors out there in desperate need of a helping hand. Something I have learned that has eased my schedule a bit, is those classes where I have either finished all of my work or the teacher decides not to give us work that day, instead of chitchatting with my friends, I should probably get started on my work for later that night. Of course this won't take off hours of work. But it will possibly give me an extra half hour to myself which is all I need to crawl into bed in my PJs and watch a good sitcom before bed.

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