Thursday, August 4, 2011

August already? Where has the year gone?

We're officially eight months in to the year of 2011. After briefly coming out of my summer coma, I realized this. Then, i thought, where has the year gone? Next thing you know, I'll be starting my last year of high school, leaving for vacation during the winter, and celebrating the new year. I look back on the past seven months, and a lot has happened. In my life particularly, most likely the same for others too; we got older, we learned new things, had new experiences, and ultimately lived our lives.
I live by a couple of random quotes, they help me get through the day, give me inspiration and such for a better life. One, which everyone has without a doubt heard is "Make everyday worth it," or something of that degree. Every time i find myself doing nothing fun, not enjoying myself and basically doing nothing i think of the quote and I immediately do something to be proud of. Whether it's writing a short story for fun, or changing around the furniture in my bedroom, i do it.
Additionally, I write a summary of the days events in a diary on my bedside table. Some may believe this is a bit nerdy, or useless or just plain dumb thing to do, but I enjoy looking back on what exactly made my day worth it, tying back into the quote. Someday are filled with events, like going to the mall, the pool or having lunch with friend, and some just simply say "finished book, watched a movie, and loved it! so good!" It may seem simple, but it's life. I understand that not everyday is as exciting as others. But what's stopping you from having a good day?
I'm no expert on philosophy or psychology, but i believe in that simple quote, and when i look back at this year I don't regret a single day.

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