Saturday, August 27, 2011

Un Techo Para Mi Pais (A Roof For My Country)

One word to describe my past summer experience...UNFORGETTABLE. This recent summer was truly remarkable, not so much as life changing but more eye opening and mind boggling. I volunteered over the summer in Peru in an organization called 'Un Techo Para Mi Pais' (A Roof for my County). In a setting which was quite disturbing but nevertheless beautiful filled with amicable people.

The major problem was poverty, and our goal was to take a big task on our hands and eradicate this problem by helping build wooden made basic houses to give to most needed families.

In total there were 7 families, meaning 7 groups with 6 people in each group. It required team work, dedication, and for 4 days giving up alot of the norm we were used to. We didnt take showers for 4 days, while going to sleep in an elementary school on the pavement floor.

Volunteers would have to do some heavy lifting up and down mountains to reach the houses. There was constant tripping, falling, and sliding. While also, without a choice, constantly stepping on dog excrement. It was completely worth it because it was for an incredible cause. After doing the heavy lifting on the first day, we would start building and setting up the houses. By the end of the day we would have group activities discussing out day and general poverty situations and facts.

It was appalling; the families lived on top of mountains in small 10 meter square houses, on dirt floors with plastic walls set up supported by wooden sticks and bricks. In that house lived a family of 5.

Despite being in a situation like this, the families had a kind and gracious attitude. They were so thankful for being given such an amazing opportunity. I will surely be returning soonto help out more.The smiles on the families' faces were truly indescribable; it instilled a sense of happiness and hope, the hope to make progressand gradually eliminate extreme poverty in countries like this.

SideNote: The first picture features, two siblings from our group family Cecilia and Alejandro, in front of their home. The xecond picture shows the volunteers heading to their families homes, and the third picture is the bathroom.

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