Monday, August 29, 2011

Senior Year

It is officially my senior year of high school and I am E-X-C-I-T-E-D. All I can think about is grad bash and prom and how it's my LAST YEAR OF HIGH SCHOOL. Now, I am pretty sure this is normal behavior and that many other seniors are feeling the same way as I am. But there is one thing I haven't really given a chance to think about.
Today at my school, we had an assembly for all the seniors and a topic mentioned was how it seems like it's just the beginning of the year now. But this year is going to go by fast. I remember gulping and breathing heavily for a moment (okay, not literally) and just thinking to myself "It's my last year of high school..."
As joyous as I may be for my last year of high school, it's a sort of scary thought. I'm transitioning into adulthood basically once I graduate high school. Then I will be off to the world of college! It feels like just yesterday I was a freshman in high school walking through those doors saying "Wow..." Except I didn't walk through doors or even say anything. I got off a school bus and sat down on a bench waiting for my friends.
In a way, I don't want school to end just yet. Yes, I know. What a nerd! But seriously, high school so far has been the most important years of my life. Both good and bad have happened but what I remember the most is the good. It's never easy saying goodbye to ANYTHING and so it's going to be a tad bit depressing saying goodbye to all the good memories.
Of course, I'll have them locked up inside my heart forever. But being in high school is liking reliving every good and bad experience in school every single day.
So graduating will be interesting. I have no idea what to expect. But as scared and excited as I may be, I plan on embracing this school year and enjoying every aspect of it!

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