Thursday, August 11, 2011

Back to School Savings

Back to school shopping means that summer has finally come to a close. It also means wondering if you'll get a better bang for your buck when buying school supplies, especially in this economy.
Many stores in and around South Florida (big retailers and small alike) are lowering their prices for students as they ravage store shelves for notebooks and highlighters.
Simply by Googling "Back to School Discounts" I found coveted last minute sales.
At Office Depot, lined and graph paper sold by the ream is being sold for $1.99 each.
Folders and spiral notebooks hit the shelves at $2.79 a pop.
Tissue boxes that many teachers take for extra credit are being sold at $3.99 for a pack of three boxes.
But Target also has some savings.
Bic Ballpoint pens are being sold for 99 cents for a pack of ten.
Notebook prices range from $2-3 depending on the brand.
Target also has clothing lines that are on sale for back to school shopping.
Speaking of cloths, many stores like Tilly's, Kohls, Hollister, and many more offer deals that are sure to get you back to school in style.
Always ask for discounts! Stores love to give freebies every now and then to show they are "customer oriented".
Good luck this school year my fellow South Floridians and happy hunting!!
(Prices are without sales tax)

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