Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Word Power

The word "no" is usually a roadblock in our teen lives. Stopping us from seeing the latest Emma Stone romantic comedy or buying the newest Nike shoes. However, the word "no" was used by me this time. That little word almost caused me to miss one perfect vacation.

My dad had a job to do in New Orleans. His job required him to stay in New Orleans for four weeks. My whole family thought this would be a perfect time to take a summer vacation. Of course, I was perfectly content in my house with my computer and said no to the Swiss Family Robinson. Fortunately, my sister and mom did not understand the word no. They both booked tours and a hotel room and before I had the chance to spell the word "no" I was boarding a plane to New Orleans.

To me New Orleans was a place where Mardi Gras is held and you are allowed to walk freely with alcohol. So I wondered what we could possibly do when Mardi Gras is during March. Instead I found a place that can not be compared to any city. Every corner you turned musicians would be set up playing jazz so hypnotizing you did not want to leave. The city is alive all night; everywhere there is music, dancing and tourists everywhere. The French Market with delicious ripe fruits and the famous Cafe du Monde. I said yes to the typical New Orleans food and discovered my new found love for pralines. After several tours and many street car rides, I fell in love with the city. At first I did not even want to visit and now I hope to have a house there someday.

For once I was happy my parents did not listen to me. I had one of the most amazing experiences of my life and I learned to say yes. I am now more open to trying new things and the word no is almost out of my vocabulary. I think saying no is appropriate when asked "do you want peas with that." So to all you flamingos do not say no until you try it!

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