Monday, August 29, 2011

The end is near indeed for the class of 2012

My school year started a week later than most, so today was my first day back at North Broward. It didn't really live up to my expectations, though.

Senior year is supposed to be laid back and whatnot, but I'm really not getting that vibe as a year 2 IB student. I'm already getting tons of homework in addition to the several somewhat threatening 13-page essays I must bring myself to produce in order to receive a diploma. The SATs and ACTs I have yet to retake are lingering at the back of my mind as I face the college application process with mediocre scores and a bit of anxiety.

It's really strange. I've been looking forward to this year expecting it to be amazing. We have a few perks, like off-campus lunch privileges and the ability to wear dress code exempt sweaters, but it seems like it won't be as awesome as the class of 2011 claimed it was. Not yet, I guess.

But then again, I have yet to discover solidarity with my classmates when we realize how quickly it ends, the feeling of having some certainty in my future, and a day cold enough to wear a school pride sweater.

We'll see.

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