Sunday, August 7, 2011

Something about Summer Reading

The start of August usually means the start of summer reading, or rather the dawning realization that you actually have to read something in the next few weeks. For most of us, summer is anything but reading a book assigned by a teacher whose name you can't even remember. Some may call this procrastination, but it seems to me that this is the perfect time to crack the spines of those books. First off, the first couple of weeks of summer are meant for long awaited rest and the strain of having to read and retain information just after having to study for finals and the closing days of school just can't be helpful. Also, in the midst of summer fun, vacations, and whatever other adventures the break has brought are all too overwhelming and exciting to focus, it destroy the regimen. Although August means that the final days of summer are coming, you'd be better off looking forward to the start of a brand new school year and in preparation for that grab that book that's been sitting on your desk the past 2 months and read your heart out because by the time you're finished school will be readily approaching and story will be stirring in your mind ready to regurgitate on that Summer Reading assignment.

And for all those planning to jump the bridge and simply read through Sparknotes, think again, you might as well be igniting, or rather sparking (pun intended) the flame in the burning in crash and burn. Take the extra hour or so a day to fulfill the task and when school starts you'll be thankful you did.

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