Monday, September 19, 2011

2011 Hollywood Latin Festival

The soft sounds of crashing waves, the "caws" of the seagulls, the warm rays of sunlight caressing your face, along with the crisp salty scent of the ocean make up your average day at the beach.

But today, September 18, 2011 was no average day at the Hollywood Beach.

Today Latinos and Latinas all over South Florida gathered to attend the Latin Festival on the Hollywood Beach Boardwalk.

Latin culture was celebrated with music and performances by Latin singers and dancers.

Funny thing is, the dancers were not the only people dancing, even random people on the joined in the celebration.

The smells of BBQ chicken, deep fried pork, mozzarepas, and plantains wafted through the air and mixed with the salty smell of the ocean.

This created a mouth-watering array of scents that appealed to the senses.

In addition to the main dishes, there were a wide variety of tropical fruit juices to choose from.

The minute you waled into the Latin festival, it was like walking into a Latin American conference.

Most of the people attending the festival wore clothing that had their country’s name or flag on it.

In fact, one of the vendors were selling flags and shirts for that purpose.

Some of the people even wore the flag as a shirt or hat. Men, women, and children wore flag-themed bathing suits.

Either way, most people we wearing something that identified their “home” country.

Overall, the Latin festival was a wonderful experience and very entertaining to attend.

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