Monday, September 5, 2011

Letting It Out

We all have our weak points when everything feels terrible. These things could be as simple as walking a new pair of shoes into a pile of mud. They could be as complicated as a breakup with the person you truly thought you were in love with. But all in all, just nothing feels right once one bad thing happens. It not only ruins our day, but it ruins our mood.
Some people like to let out their tears when they feel glum. Some people prefer to hold it in and give off a sour attitude to everyone around them. And then there are the people who hold it in and act like nothing ever happened, even though it is tearing them apart inside.
I'm one of the people that cry over the silly matters. I've always hated this about myself and considered myself such a cry baby because the people I know who have been through so much worse don't cry too often.
Eventually though, I began to realize that it's okay to cry every now and then. It helps to relieve any hard feelings or emotions that have been cooped up inside for so long. I'd consider it as easing the pain. In fact, it makes the day easier to get through.
Something I have learned to do whenever I cry is to think of what I can do to make whatever this issue is easier on myself. So after I'm done letting all of my feelings out, I do what I can to make my day better for myself, instead of moping around all day or giving my surroundings a nasty attitude.
Whoever says crying is for babies, doesn't realize what they're missing. Crying is the cure to a bad beginning.

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