Monday, September 19, 2011

Surviving High School: The Balancing Act

So, my first year of high school has started off with a bang.


Iv'e gotten tons of homework right off the bat, from trying to memorize sixty-something words for AP Human Geography, to learning about the fats in our body for Biology. It's all fun and games in the class room, but once your stuck inside your room with piles of assignments due- now that's a problem.

I'm getting used to the drastic change from a rinky dink charter middle school to a hugely populated high school, but the workload I'm semi-familiar with.

Here are some of my tips for handling loads of homework, and preparing for tests and still being able to see friends on the weekend.

First of all, study every night. Even if it's only for 15 minutes, as long as you get the concept.

Get the easy stuff done first. You'll be thankful when your assigned a huge project, and you got everything else out of the way.

Make flash cards. Yes, it may seem a bit nerdy, but reading your vocab terms every night before going to bed will help you prepare for that big test.

Lastly, try to get weekend homework over with on Friday. The whole "waiting till Sunday night" thing isn't gonna cut it anymore. If you get your work over with early, it will give you more time to chill with friends for the rest of the weekend.

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