Monday, September 5, 2011

3D Movies, Worth the Extra Bucks?

I wasn't too thrilled about being dragged to the movies and paying $6 more than my usual fee for the film being in 3D.

We watched Captain America, and although I told her that there is nothing special about a 3D movie, my friend was dying to watch it because she thought it would make Chris Evans' muscles pop out. Yeah right, I knew that wouldn't happen.

I like seeing Chris Evans shirtless on the big screen as much as most girls out there, but paying $6 extra, didn't seem worthwhile to me.

Although after the movie my friends kept saying it was "so worth it" to watch it in 3D, I didn't get what the big deal was. It basically looked like it was in HD, yes a better picture quality, but nothing popped out, nothing worth paying almost double to see.

I've honestly seen better 3D quality at theme parks like Disney World and Universal Studios. The IMAX Experience is also good, but the regular 3D most theaters are showing isn't impressive.

I don't know about other people out there, but at least to me, the current 3D quality that is being offered isn't something I would spend my time or money on again.

So...3D Movies, Worth the Extra Bucks?
I don't think so.


Tomás Monzón said...

I definitely agree. My question is why the 3D effect is not pushed more. The technology is certainly there! Its potential is really untapped. I always thought a 3D horror movie, shot in first person from beginning to end, would be an awesome idea.

Yaneli Gonzalez said...

You're right, that would be a great idea. And yes, the technology is obviously there, but for some reason not being used yet. Thank you for your thoughts!